A Little About Me

I'm Jamie!

and I. Love. My. Job!!! I'm a very happy person so i'm so glad i get to work with people on one of the happiest days of their lives!

Weddings are so much fun, but you and I both know it can be stressful too, so proper planning is half the battle!

When you hire me to be your wedding photographer, you hire a knight to help you fight that battle, and guard you and your king! Sure, it's not from imminent danger, but from bad photos! (which is just as bad!)

I love all the details and appreciate all the work that the brides put into their perfect wedding! 

Most of the weddings I photograph are out of town. From Vancouver to Calgary, and everywhere in between! I actually enjoy shooting weddings in new locations so much that i do not charge any additional fees to shoot weddings outside of nelson!

If you're interested in my Wedding photography or any other style , you can call or text me anytime. My cell is (250)-505-3141


Facts about Me

I'm ambidextrous!

I'm a little camera shy (So i know all the tricks to loosen you up)

I'm born on halloween!

I love taking care of my houseplants!

I love animals!

Chocolate milk is my drink of choice!

Not a lot of people know this about me and how I got into photography

It all started when i was a kid and Pokemon was just coming out with their trading cards and TV show and i was really into it. For the coming Christmas i asked Santa for Pokemon Stadium. (a Pokemon fighting game where you connect your game-boy and battle Pokemon against others)

My mom (bless her heart) bought me Pokemon Snap because it was affordable and she wasn't aware of the difference between the two. In Pokemon Snap you are on a track where you take pictures of Pokemon as they go past. When you are done the course you pick your best photos and they are judged by Prof. Oak. Then you unlock better items and photograph more Pokemon and learn tricks and tips on how to get better... Little did i know, It has shaped my future, entirely for the better! I think about it all the time and in fact I play it sometimes now that i'm an adult!

I know it sounds silly, but i think it's neat i can track it to the instant i wanted to be a photographer! (maybe because i was proud i was better at it than my 2 brothers haha

Even more Facts

I wear a fanny pack and it's super useful.

I'm not the best club dancer but i'm very good at ballroom dances

I'm an Ordained Minister (although I don't practice)