This is a great ‘practice run’ for couples to get comfortable with the camera and to get to know me! Photos from the engagement session can be used for wedding announcements, wedding websites, save-the-dates, keepsakes and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't know how to pose?

Don't Worry! I can guide you both through the process to getting great, memorable shots!

What do I wear?

You and your partner belong together, and your outfit should as well. Try matching with complimenting colours!

Can I change Outfits?

Of course! I recommend getting the Gold  Package to give us enough time! 

Will you Photoshop us?

Nope! I have certain techniques to make you look your best! however I WILL remove blemishes if you have an unexpected pimple show up!

How should I do my Hair/Makeup?

You know what looks good! Trust your instincts! Either do it yourself or hire someone, either way you will look great! 

Can you make me a Canvas?

Yes! Canvas prints range from $45.95 -$86.95! Just pick your photo and I'll handle the rest!

How do I pay?

I accept Cash, E-Transfer, and cheques. Unless you hired me for your wedding, then its free!

Can I upgrade from Silver to Gold before my shoot?

Yes, Unless I have another shoot scheduled!

Do you Travel outside Nelson?

Yes, I do Engagement Photography and Proposals all throughout the Kootenays! 

How long until I get the photos?

 You will get them in about 1 week. The album will come after it is printed! 

These are annoucment photos, can you keep them private until i post them?

 Yes, Absolutely!I I understand the importance of revealing them yourself! 

Where do we take the photos?

 There is no shortage of beautiful spots around here and I have a list we can choose from!